MG HS PHEV | Still a happy owner?

MG HS PHEV owner Tony Wall takes Adrian Maidment for a walk around his MG Hybrid. They cover how it performs in electric and petrol modes. In town and open road performance. Best points and some not so good points on the car.


Tony: On their website. MG state that MG today is more than just getting from A to B. Style, safety, and more importantly, fun is what MG is about. To find out if MG is bringing the fun, I caught up with MG hybrid owner Tony Wall.

So this is the MG plug in electric hybrid Excite model. And I bought the Excite about three months ago now. I’ve already done about 7000 kilometres in it. I use it a lot for work out of town. So when I go on out of town trips I use petrol, obviously for around town, it’s just purely electric.

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