Exploring EV Data with James Foster from evdb.nz


🎙️EV Quest Podcast: James Foster from evdb.nz 🎙️There’s a lot of information out there on Electric vehicles, but it’s not always easy to make sense of it all. In this episode I’m talking with James Foster who runs evdb.nz, where you can compare makes, models, current and future models. ⚡️

Michael Eaglen, CEO of EV Maritime – Electric Ferries for Auckland

Ev MAritime

Adrian: Two new electric two new electric ferries will soon be up and running in Auckland, New Zealand, designed and engineered by EV Maritime. With a launch date of 2024, the goal of the electric ferries is to provide a ferry service that is zero emissions, clean, quiet, reliable and substantially cheaper to operate. For […]

Australian EV Sales – the Triumphant and Troubled

aussie ev sales

What’s going on in the Australian EV world? That’s what Adrian Maidment is discussing with Riz Akhtar. Riz the founder of carloop, which specialises in Australian EV data, insight reports and trends. Riz is also a writer for Australian publication – The Driven. We also chat about the selection of EVs in New Zealand compared […]

Tom Gan – Australian EV YouTuber


Tom runs Ludicrous Feed, an Australian based YouTube channel that started in 2018 after Tom purchased his Tesla Model S. Tom show the reality of Australian daily life with his family and an electric vehicle.  Check out his videos on YouTube here: ➡️   https://www.youtube.com/@LudicrousFeed/featured Contact Tom 👇Website https://www.ludicrousfeed.com/Email tom@ludicrousfeed.com Find out more on EV Quest […]

Edward Harvey – Founder & CEO at Evnex


In this episode, Adrian Maidment talks to Edward Harvey – Founder & CEO at Evnex. Evnex is a New Zealand company that designs, builds, and installs smart EV chargers. Evnex’s mission  is to reduce the carbon footprint of NZ’s growing fleet of electric vehicles. The interview covers: ✅ The  benefits of Smart Charging✅ New charging […]

Richard Briggs from EECA. What’s the future of Hydrogen transport?


This episode I’m talking again with Richard Briggs from EECA (Energy, Efficiency & Conservation Authority)in New Zealand.  Richard is the GM for Warmer Kiwi Homes, Public Sector & Transport. EECA’s goal is “moving Aotearoa towards a sustainable energy system that supports the wellbeing of current and future generations”. This episode we’ll be looking at:  ✅  Recent […]

BYD Atto 3 – Owner Review

Screen Shot 2023 01 22 at 4.41.25 PM 1

t feels like the BYD brand has come from nowhere, to now be a major player in the EV car buying market. Specifically, the BYD Atto 3 has become hugely popular, with a heap of positive reviews. With this is mind, I wanted to talk to some Atto 3 owners, to find out what their […]