BYD Atto 3: 6-month Owner Update – here’s what you need to know

owner update

The BYD brand has now been in New Zealand for a year, with the Atto 3 being hugely successful for the brand. With this is mind, I wanted to talk to catch up again with Atto 3 owner Matthew Parkin to talk about owning the SUV. byd #atto3 #ev ✅ We’ll be talking about the […]

Australian EV Sales

aussie ev sales

What’s going on in the Australian EV world? That’s what Adrian Maidment is discussing with Riz Akhtar. Riz the founder of carloop, which specialises in Australian EV data, insight reports and trends. Riz is also a writer for Australian publication – The Driven. We also chat about the selection of EVs in New Zealand compared […]

Fonterra Electric Tanker – What You Need to Know

fonterra e truck

Fonterra’s electric milk tanker was on display at Fieldays 2022. Adrian Maidment interviewed Fabian Lloyd from Fonterra on this first of its kind tanker. Check out all the details about it in this video.

Hyundai’s Mighty Electric truck

mighty truck

Hyundai’s Mighty Electric truck was at the 2022 Fieldays in New Zealand. Adrian Maidment was lucky enough to interview Grant Doull, National Manager – Hydrogen & ECO Commercial Vehicles at Hyundai about it.

Australian EV Industry – What’s Happening? With Riz Akhtar, Carloop


In this video, we interview Riz Akhtar from Carloop about the Australian EV industry. Riz shares with us what’s happening and the plans for the Australian EV industry. We also ask him some questions about electric vehicles, the benefits and challenges of electric vehicles in Australia, and the future of the Australian EV industry. Carloop […]

EV Car Sharing | Interview with Steven Vincent

car share thumbnail

Car Sharing is what Adrian Maidment is learning about in this video, as he interviews Steven Vincent, owner of GoTo Car Share. This video will cover: ✅ About GoTo Car Share ✅ How to hire ✅ The future of charging

Used Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Review


In this video, we go for a ride in Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV owned by Glenn McCready. Glen bought the Outlander second hand, and uses it to get to and from work. Glenn McCready is an electrical engineer who runs his business off the grid, utilising solar and battery power. He owns an EV and Hybrid, […]

Off The Grid and charging an Electric Vehicle

battery bank

Glenn McCready is an electrical engineer who runs his business off the grid, utilising solar and battery power. He owns an EV and Hybrid, both charged from work. Plus, he also can feed back power from his EV. “into the system”. In this video, Glenn shows us around his set-up, and we go for a […]

RAV4 GXL HYBRID – Best of Both Worlds

RAV4 driving

If you’re not ready to go “full EV” and are worried about “Range Anxiety”, then the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid could be the vehicle for you. RAV4 owner Any Kennedy talks about the positives and minuses of his vehicle. Range, Interior, engine and space are all covered. TRANSCRIPT If you’re looking to ease yourself into the […]